Training Center Hamburg


Project Nordchance

The Project

The steep GmbH is project partner of the NORDCHANCE initiative, which is an educational programme for motivated teenagers in Northern Germany who are in need of support and were not able to find a vocational job training on their own. The project aims at improving the participants’ chances for integration and transition and facilitates their transition into job training. The project is financed through funds by the employers’ association NORDMETALL and is further supported by the German Federal Employment Agency. Companies can make a new, motivated target group available for themselves with NORDCHANCE.

The Process

The teenagers apply at the steep GmbH as the commissioned educational institution or they are referred to us by employment agencies or job centers. Here, they complete a five month preparation course which is followed by an operational qualification of at least six months. This is accompanied by theoretical vocational education for the participants.
During the project, the teenagers are provided with social-educational assistance and are supported according to an individual development plan.

The Activation Phase

The Activation Phase (Orientation and Assistance Phase) lasts for five months, and includes the following content:

  • Basics knowledge in the area of electronics and metal
  • Placement assistance for the subsequent apprenticeship
  • Language assistance
  • Instruction in specialized theory
  • Socio-cultural training
  • Application training
  • Pedagogical accompaniment

The Initial Qualification

The Initial Qualification (Practical Training) lasts up to 6 months, and includes the following content:

  • Long-term internship in a training company
  • Language assistance
  • Instruction in specialized theory

The pedagogical accompaniment during the entry qualification includes:

  • Placement assistance for the subsequent apprenticeship
  • Support with solving conflicts at the company/school
  • Regular visits of participants at the company/ school

The Evaluation

For the entire project duration, NORDCHANCE is monitored scientifically. The close cooperation of theory and practice forms the didactic and learning-theoretical basis of the NORDCHANCE model. Within the framework of the school- and learning biographies of these teenagers, this cooperation targets the following goals:

  • Collecting independent experiences in a work and learning environment
  • Increasing their independence
  • Supporting interests and commitment
  • Strengthening motivation and holism
  • Approaching theoretical thinking
  • Dissolving blockades of bad experiences with school and learning and providing a new attitude towards learning


Contact Persons

Horst-Günter Hagemeier

Head of Training Center Hamburg

+49 40 853155 337

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