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Replacement of the Radar Data Processors (RDP) for RRP-117

For more than 40 years, the steep GmbH has been providing technical support services for the control and reporting centers of the German Air Force. In 2013, steep developed an obsolescence solution for the radar system RRP-117 of the German Air Force on behalf of the Bundeswehr. The radar data processors (RDP) of the radar system, including the functionally linked data processing and system control components, were obsolete. Within the scope of an obsolescence solution, the obsolete hardware was replaced by suitable commercial off-the-shelf equipment.

The previous hardware was a VAX 6000 computer. The used operating system was a VAX VMS 5.5 software by the company Digital. The RDP was responsible for the entire control of the radar system RRP-117, plot processing (target signals) and the correlation of target information from primary and secondary radar systems. The application software of the RRP-117 is written in FORTRAN 77 code.

Instead of operating systems Digital VAX VMS 5.5 and Digital UNIX 4.0D, steep uses a Linux server operating system and thereby benefits from the stability and security of this diversely and comprehensively used operating system. The application software for the radar system RRP-117 consists of the mission software as well as the tools used for the creation, administration and documentation of the mission software. steep has ported this application software to the Linux operating system. Additional software modules were written in order that all calls to the application software can be run on the operating system without having to rewrite the source code of the application software.

Furthermore, an ASTERIX interface was integrated, making it possible to transfer the radar plot data to the control and reporting center via a standardised radar data network. The former external format converter could therefore be omitted. The operating workstation in the maintenance shelter of the RRP-117 was redesigned and integrated.

The obsolescence product of the RDP computer by the steep GmbH has been in use for the radar systems RRP-117 of the German Air Force since the beginning of 2014. With this obsolescence solution, the remaining term of the radar system that has been in continuous use for approximately 20 years could be extended by more than a decade.

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