Managed Services in Partnership

Services for Civil and Public Clients


In our business area Managed Services in Partnership we pool services for civil and public clients in a demand-oriented overall solution concept. We relieve our clients from all tasks that are not part of their strategic core business. Usually, our services are targeted at comprehensive and complex facilities, which are often subject to demanding requirements or special security regulations.

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Treatment & Care
  • Medical care
  • Generalist and specialist care
  • Nursing
  • Psychosocial care
  • Social- and consulting services
  • Sports and leisure time activities
Occupation & Education
  • Conception and operation of workshops and in-house operation
  • Attendance in work therapy
  • Education and vocational training
Catering & Sustenance
  • Demand-oriented compilation of meals including all individual wishes
  • Communal catering
  • Plant restaurant
  • Operation of kiosk
Administration Tasks
  • General administration tasks
  • Controlling and reporting
  • Personnel management
  • Commercial services
  • Writing service, mailroom service
  • Duty roster coordination, provision services
Facility Management
  • Building planning and floor-space management
  • Relocation planning
  • Cleaning and care of buildings and outdoor facilities
  • Maintenance and repair of buildings and outdoor facilities
  • Technical maintenance and operation


    Operational Concept JVA Hünfeld
    Workshops of the JVA Heidering

Contact Persons

Gabriele Schächer

Head of Business Unit Managed Services in Partnership
+49 228 6681 165

Oliver Krah

Head of Operation JVA Hünfeld
+49 6652 9113 300

Thomas Brümmerstedt

Head of Workshops JVA Heidering
+49 30 901473 341

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