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Integrated Logistics Support and Product Lifecycle Management


The methods and processes of our Integrated Logistics Support approach (S3000L) ensure a reduction in costs and an efficient use of resources through an integrated technical and logistical support of operations and maintenance. Furthermore, in a continuous Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) we develop an answer – for and in collaboration with our customers – to the question how a technically complex system can be managed in terms of logistics in 20 or 30 years’ time, meaning how it can be kept operational.

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Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning & Support

In the context of maintenance planning and support, we develop concepts and future forecasts for our customers with reference to the selected systems, already the acquisition phase. We strive for a solution that combines the criteria cost-efficiency, system availability and risk minimization. For this purpose, we use standardised procedures such as the following:

  • LSA (Logistic Support Analysis
  • LoRA (Level of Repair Analysis)
  • Obsolescence Analysis
  • System-specific Risk Analysis
Personnel & Training


With respect to the operability and maintenance of a system during its lifetime, it is necessary to identify and provide personnel with the corresponding skills and qualifications. In this context, the definition of the

labour requirements is ideally aligned to the expected logistics support assignment. In that regard, our services include the following areas:

  • Analysis and definitions of specific qualification requirements
  • Continuous consultancy for system-specific support and management
  • Assistance by steep employees even in cases of last-minute shortages in staff at our customer’s, also on site in deployment


In addition to our product-related services, we also support our customers in the area of Logistical Support with training and advanced education of their specialist staff. steep can draw on extensive experiences with the various forms of E-learning and, on this basis and in consultation with the customer, decides in which areas interactive training solutions such as Computer-based Training (CBT), Web-based Training (WBT) or complex virtual 3D trainings are suitable and in line with demand. In connection to training, steep offers:

  •  Individual solutions and customized concepts
  • Modern visual representation
  • Optimum target group qualification
Design Interface

Design Interface

We advise and support our customers with reference to the assessment of constructive adjustments of the serviced system required in the future. For the optimal balancing of the relation between the logistic design system variables and the actual support resources, we develop customer-oriented suggestions for a solution in close cooperation with our in-house department for construction.

Our services include the validation and, if required, improvement of system design concerning the following logistic variables, among others:

  • Reliability and maintainability
  • Protection and security requirements
  • Environmental sustainability

Hazard Assessments

Risk assessments constitute the basis for the safety and health of employees in a company. We support our customers in fulfilling their legal employer and operator obligations with regard to occupational health and safety. For this purpose, we carry out on-site appointments and prepare the documentation in accordance with §6 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Our services in this area include:

  • Identification of protective measures for hazards including specification of test cycles and necessary qualifications
  • Provision of the completed hazard assessment in digital and analog form
  • Evaluation of the actuality and validity of the legal database used by a network of experts
Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

Descriptive Documentation

Operation and user manuals, maintenance manuals, diagnostics guidelines and repair instructions are created according to the specifications of various military and civilian guidelines. With the expertise of our experienced editors in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunications and engineering, we cover a broad technical spectrum. By employing modern tools, we address the complex challenges of projects in the military environment.

For our official clients and customers in the defence industry, we create professional and comprehensive descriptive documentations according to the specification ASD S1000D. Our know-how in the implementation of comprehensive paper publications for use in advanced IETD systems, such as IETP X Bw, BESTD or our steep IETD browser, puts our customers in the position to be able to also use their valuable databases in the future.

Spare Parts Documentation

Based on the concepts and specifications for maintenance and repair work developed in the ILS process, we develop customer-and project-related spare parts documentation (specification: ASD S2000M). We prepare these, depending on the requirements of the project, on paper or in digital form. In the civilian sector, we create spare parts catalogues by company-specific or EU directives. Furthermore, we carry out the integration of the data in the respective technical and logistic environment of the customer and ensure the data-technical update of the information.



In the area infrastructure and distribution, we create concepts in which appropriate activities and resources are defined that are necessary for the proper packaging, labelling, storage, marking and handling of the procured system and its components. Identified needs for action can be handled with our company’s own resources on behalf of our customers. In addition, we operate a federal warehouse at our location in Bonn for the German Army.

Obsolescence & Configuration Management

Obsolescence Management

We pursue proactive obsolescence management for mission-critical systems of the German Armed Forces. This ensures that the systems are ready for use, since problems caused by key components that are no longer available (e. g. spare parts) are avoided in the event of a defect. Usually, this is combined with appropriate warehousing within the framework of material management.

Configuration Management

In configuration management, we accompany a product through its entire lifecycle – from planning to manufacture, from deployment to disposal – and ensure that it is clearly identifiable in terms of its properties and characteristics. This prevents unauthorized changes and ensures both traceability and verifiability of modifications.


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