Artificial Intelligence

Industry 4.0


In addition to providing services in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the department Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence also specializes in the implementation of projects for the virtualization and simulation of engineering applications. The team consists of experienced experts including

  • data analysts,
  • developers for data models and neural networks,
  • and IT architects,

who have extensive experience in graphical virtualization, neural networks and AI training.

An essential part of the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence is the technological progress towards Deep Learning, a method of machine learning. Using artificial neural networks, machines quickly solve tasks that are too complex for the human brain. In doing so, they collect information that is generated from numerous data sources in almost all companies today and learn to optimize themselves independently.

Deep Learning Technologies in Action

The application scenarios of Deep Learning technologies are almost unlimited:

  • Production and value creation optimization
  • All kinds of forecasts, trend predictions and evaluations
  • Strategy planning
  • Image analysis
  • Banks, financial companies, risk analysts, insurance companies
  • Healthcare
  • All companies collecting and analyzing large amounts of data

Our Services

  • Pattern analysis of historical data
  • Closing data gaps through data synthesis
  • (Partially) Automated Labeling

Our Solutions

Our Products: steep Threat Detection System

Our Threat Detection System is an AI-based software solution that uses low- and high-resolution imaging environments to not only detect weapons, explosives, and drugs based on object shapes, but also to identify suspicious human behavior. In addition, the system, which focuses on object and behavioral characteristics, takes into account that these sensitive and dangerous materials and situations are often concealed or hidden. The solution is based on industrial quality inspection methods using MRI, X-ray and video technologies.

Your advantages:

  • Customizable model reliability from high precision to high recall
  • Costs for container openings are reduced to a minimum, as hardly any false alarms occur
  • Fast operability as the system operates at a minimum of 5 frames per second even with edge processing
  • Easily customizable integration through open API

Our Predictive Analytics Approach: vCAXx

The Deep Learning platform vCAXx combines all hardware and software components for successful Deep Learning. Starting your own Deep Learning journey involves three phases: Data check, model sharpening and integration. Learn more about the functionalities in our video.

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Contact Persons

Thorsten Wujek

Global Director Engineering Industry 4.0 & Analytics

+49 172 1557828

Michael Kirchner

Senior Sales Executive Industry 4.0 & Analytics

+49 173 9003579

Mirko Wujek

Sales Executive Industry 4.0 & Analytics

+49 172 2875399

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