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Interactions between technical systems – electromagnetic compatibility is concerned with the issues that arise in this context. New electrical and electronic products enter the market every day and are expected to be highly efficient and offer a flawless performance.

Accurate planning and testing of electromagnetic compatibility in product development ensures the flawless function of electro-technical products in their environment, meaning that they are neither affected by electromagnetic disturbances in their proximity nor provoke electromagnetic interference at other products. The EMC team of experts of the steep GmbH accompanies customers in this process of product development – from the first draft up to market introduction.

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EMC Centers

EMC Centers

The steep GmbH operates two accredited EMC centers in Bonn and Ottobrunn where testing is conducted with the latest measurement technology. The EMC centers of the steep GmbH and its own calibration laboratory are accredited by the German accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH; DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Additionally, the EMC center in Bonn is certified by the national tempest authority, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), for the German zoning procedures.

Our Measurement Facilities

  • Absorber chamber (16 x 11,5 x 8,5 m) for testing of EUT (equipment under test) in a range of up to 60 t including exhaust suction, air-conditioning and an 8 t crane installation.
  • Absorber chamber (18 x 11 x 6,7 m) with a rotary plate for standard-compliant testing at 10 m measuring distance
  • 3 smaller absorber chambers for distances of up to 3 m, partially air-conditioned and with compressed air, water supply and equipped with fireproof absorbers
  • 2 shielding cabins
  • 3 TEM cells
  • NEMP simulator
  • Burst/Surge/ESD test stands
  • Automobile test stand
  • Laboratory for the calibration of field strength probes and current probes
EMC Center Bonn

Justus-von-Liebig-Strasse 18
53121 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 228 6681 407
E-mail: emv@steep.de

EMC Center Ottobrunn

Lise-Meitner-Strasse 6
85521 Ottobrunn, Germany
Tel.: +49 89 4449 1700
E-mail: emv@steep.de



Whether it is a tiny chip or equipment under test of up to 60 t– our EMC service offers support in technology-related and legal matters connected to electromagnetic compatibility for the following areas of application:

  • Emission control
  • Defence technology
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive technology
  • Marine technology
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Rail technology
  • Medical equipment
  • Information technology
EMC Testing

Our EMC testing serves the purpose of examining the status of electromagnetic compatibility of a device, system or facility. Testing includes:

  • Testing of interference immunity, conducted and radiated
  • Testing of electromagnetic interference, conducted and radiated
  • Measurement of shielding attenuation

steep conducts testing on almost all types of EUT, ranging from small devices up to large vehicles and aggregates with running combustion engines. Testing of electromagnetic immunity is performed in a range of up to 40 GHz, testing for electromagnetic interference is performed in a frequency range of up to 50 GHz. In this context, our EMC centers are able to produce very high field strengths, in parts of up to 800 V/m.

EMC Testing on Site

EMC testing on site is necessary to determine the electromagnetic compatibility under real-life conditions on site or for particularly large or permanently installed facilities. Therefore, we perform almost all EMC measurements at the installation or operating site using state-of-the-art measurement appliances. These sites include, for example, manufacturing plants, factory workshops or transmitter sites.

EMC Engineering and Consulting

We advise our customers with respect to an EMC-compliant product design from the first draft via the golden sample up to serial production. In addition, we conduct EMC measurements during product development. In this context, relevant EMC regulations and standards as well as the individual requirements of the project define the framework conditions. If necessary, we design concepts for improvement, for example for EMC hardening or interference elimination, issue studies or analysis and give advice in all matters of electromagnetic compatibility.

EMC Interference Elimination

In EMC interference elimination (or hardening), we implement measures to optimize the electromagnetic compatibility of devices – both in terms of immunity to external interferences, as well as with respect to interference emission or mutual negative influence of individual components of a device or system. steep offers EMC hardening during the development process or to achieve the sometimes highly set target of immunity at the pre-series model.

Accredited Calibration (DKD Calibration)

As one of the few EMC centers in Germany, steep operates a laboratory for traceable accredited calibration of field strength probes and current probes. The calibration procedures were developed in close cooperation with the German Accreditation Body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH; DAkkS) and the German Federal Physical-Technical Institute (PTB). Additionally, steep is a member of the Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD).

EMF Measurement

The measurement of EMF emission is concerned with the impact of electromagnetic fields on the environment and humans. Limits for electromagnetic radiation have been set in order to protect humans and the environment from technical devices. The EMF emission measurement according to national and international standards is a basis for securing and the documentation of the compliance with set limits of transmitters. Testing in this branch of mobile EMF measurement with the focus on environmental impact is part of the standard portfolio of our EMC centers.

Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP)

Our NEMP simulator enables the simulation of the creation of the nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) for the purpose of developing protective measures against the temporary strains of overvoltage caused by the NEMP. When dealing with the NEMP, in contrast to EMC, the intensity of the disturbance is higher but limited in time. The steep GmbH also offers support and advice regarding NEMP hardening going beyond the usual EMC hardening.

Tempest Measurement

Hardware that is used for the unencrypted processing and transfer of classified material is subject to authorization by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Authorization is granted for so-called “radiation-secure” hardware, meaning hardware where all compromising signals are prevented. Furthermore, so-called “low-radiation” hardware can also obtain authorization. This concerns appliances that are referred to as “zone equipment”, meaning hardware that has a limited radiation and only poses a very limited risk due to being operated in a specific zone (the former “COMSEC zone”). After successful admission measurement (type testing), serial equipment needs to pass testing of individual devices.

The steep GmbH is an authorized test center that is certified to conduct testing according to the BSI zone procedures on products that are approved by the BSI as zone material. We attach our own badges and seals to IT products as an approved proof center.

Norms and Standards

Our EMC measurements are implemented in accordance with almost all standards, directives and requirements from the civil, military or manufacturer-specific area:

  • DIN
  • RTCA
  • VDE
  • EN
  • GL
  • IEC
  • ISO
  • VG
  • 26.BlmSchV

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Contact Persons

Hayrullah Carkit

Sales EMC Centers

+ 49 228 6681 407

Franz Tümler

Head of Business Unit Defence

+49 228 6681 558

Stefan Ohlmann

Head of Sales Defence

+49 228 6681 367

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