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Modular Air-Conditioning Solutions

As part of the ever-changing scenarios and locations of armies, it is essential to protect modern IT hardware components against external climatic influences.

In most cases, 19”-COTS products are used for mobile communication within the operations center, that would usually only be deployed in stationary civilian data centers. This kind of hardware was not developed for usage under various climatic conditions in the field. Therefore, it must be cooled or heated to meet the different mission scenarios. All variants have been tested and certified by independent laboratories.

The steep air-conditioning products range from the smallest air-conditioning unit with 180 watt (Thermoelectric Cooling), to the CLION® SK 140 “backpack” with max. 1400 watt, up to the largest air-conditioning unit CLION® SK 340 with max. 4500 watt. All air-conditioning units are designed for 19”-cases and can be customized according to customer requirements.


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