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[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Marc-Eric Scholz” company=”Software Engineer”]For me, steep is loyal, friendly and (still) exciting.[/us_testimonial]

After completing my studies in Applied Computer Science in the Ruhr Area, I decided to work in Bonn and accidentally came across the steep GmbH.

The very friendly and open job interview, during which I was told that steep does just about everything from operating a semi-privatized prison, container solutions and extensive training courses to software development, finally convinced me to start as a developer.

Since then, three years have passed. In the meantime I have familiarized myself with several modern technologies, designed, developed and maintained customer solutions and started my additional job as a trainer for IT specialists this year.

For the first two years I supported one of our major regular customers. I have mainly co-developed enterprise web applications with JavaEE from scratch and further developed existing applications. Working in teams of approximately 12 developers on an entire web application consisting of almost 50 individual applications is challenging, exciting and educational. At the same time I supported the in-house team with one of our own products.

These projects were interrupted by a three-month “one-man” project with our customer in Berlin. As a project manager, developer and customer contact in one person, I was able to experience personal responsibility and independence in a completely new way.

Subsequently, I not only continued to develop web applications, but also helped as an architect in another department to design the structure of a future software solution with many interfaces to constantly changing partner systems. Insights into exciting management systems and the cooperation in a great and technically wide-ranging team were a real pleasure for me.

Just like my stay in Berlin, my further training as a vocational instructor happened on a voluntary basis. I am still developing web applications for our regular customer. By having a fair say as to which direction to take, I was able to develop further in many areas and still continue programming. In my experience, steep almost exclusively works with short communication paths and direct contact persons, so that not only problem solutions but also own wishes often find quick implementation. Through customer contact I also know that this is not self-evident, especially because steep is wide-ranging and diverse in its activities.

But that’s exactly why the steep, for me, is simply loyal, familiar and (still) exciting.

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